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Winter 2016/17 Registration

We will have two registration evenings for the 2016/17 Winter Season. They will be Fridays 16th and 23rd September between 8:00pm and 10:30pm at Melton Snooker Club.

Payment will not be accepted at any other time at the Snooker Club, but if you can't make either of the registration evenings just get in touch via text or email to make alternate arrangements.

Registration forms are available now from the Snooker Club or can be downloaded from the website here.

Automated Tournament Draws and Alternate Venue Preferences

We're now automating tournament draws to achieve the minimum number of venue clashes possible, and to make sure venues that close on Sunday aren't drawn for Sunday tournaments. As part of this, I've built in a feature to allow individual players who play from a venue that closes on Sunday to set a preferred home venue should they wish to be included in the draw to play at home, otherwise they will likely only ever get drawn away for Sunday tournaments. This extends to allow teams to set an alternate venue for the same reason, but their home venue will always take preference if possible.

If you'd like to have a preferred home venue set for yourself, or you'd like to register an alternate venue for your team for use in future draws, please just let me know. This is only for players and teams that play from a venue that closes on Sunday, and are familiar enough with another venue for it to be considered their second preference. We won't allow setting an alternate venue just for the sake of it as the system would then become pointless!

I also need to confirm which venues close on Sunday (or any other day for that matter) so I can add this information to the database. So far I've got Melton Indoor Bowls Club and the Conservative Club set as closed on Sunday.

- Ben


I'm working on an F.A.Q. section on the website for obscure rules etc., but here's a temporary start:

- Lagging and breaking off - The player who breaks off for each individual frame in a team match is to be decided by a lag. Last season we were advising that the break was to alternate after the first lag, as per the rules, but it was confirmed at the AGM that the rules are written for a single player v single player match. Sorry for any confusion!

- Scotch pairs - The mixed doubles tournament is now to be played in the scotch pairs format. The only tournaments that use the scotch pairs format are the divisional cups, the super 4s and mixed doubles.

- Tournament matches - The singles and doubles tournaments now start from the best of 5 frames as opposed to the best of 3.

- Ben

You can contact us by email at hello@meltonpool.uk. Feel free to email us your score sheets!

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