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Automated Tournament Draws and Alternate Venue Preferences

We're now automating tournament draws to achieve the minimum number of venue clashes possible, and to make sure venues that close on Sunday aren't drawn for Sunday tournaments. As part of this, I've built in a feature to allow individual players who play from a venue that closes on Sunday to set a preferred home venue should they wish to be included in the draw to play at home, otherwise they will likely only ever get drawn away for Sunday tournaments. This extends to allow teams to set an alternate venue for the same reason, but their home venue will always take preference if possible.

If you'd like to have a preferred home venue set for yourself, or you'd like to register an alternate venue for your team for use in future draws, please just let me know. This is only for players and teams that play from a venue that closes on Sunday, and are familiar enough with another venue for it to be considered their second preference. We won't allow setting an alternate venue just for the sake of it as the system would then become pointless!

I also need to confirm which venues close on Sunday (or any other day for that matter) so I can add this information to the database. So far I've got Melton Indoor Bowls Club, The Royal British Legion and the Conservative Club set as closed on Sunday.

- Ben

Winter 2015/2016

The winter season is just around the corner and we'll be announcing the start date and complete fixtures soon. The first match will probably be on Tuesday 20th October. I've started adding the new season to the website and you can follow the progress by going to the archive page from the resources menu. Good luck!

- Ben

You can contact us by email at hello@meltonpool.uk. Feel free to email us your score sheets!

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