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Last updated 6/10/14

Congratulations go to our league winners Winter league starts 14/10/14.  Folders are ready for Winning Hat Tricks
Div 1 Arr Boy collection from the Snooker Club.  
Div 2 Chalk is Cheap   Div 1   Martin McQuade 5
Div 3 Crown Chalk is Cheap make it a league and Cup Double           Biff Posey 5
Div 4 The Pool Boyz after coming back to beat the A Treeam 5-4 in the Div 2   Tom Loomes 7
Div 5 Beedies Bitches Summer K.O Cup final.           Matt Fisher 7
    Div 3   Shane Moore 9
  Congratulations go to Tom Loomes who is the new Div 4   Duncan Aske 6
  Summer League singles champion.            Pete Dale 6
    Div 5   Billy Beedie 4
              Mark Sanson 4
Better late than never.  I have finally entered             Sam Rayson 4
some information into the history/archive link.

Great News !!!!!

          John Beedie 4
Check out the former winners. Aaron Booth, Duncan Tomblin and Ben Jackson           Mark Roythorne
  have volunteered to run the league so you can all  
  breathe a sigh of relief as there will now be a  
  winter league.   
Can you please ensure all score sheets are handed in    
on time.  A late sheet does cause me a lot of    
inconvenience.  They must be at   

Melton Sports

my home address no later than 8.00pm on the   Meltons new sports shop now stocks a range
Friday following the match or sooner if possible.   of Power Glide pool cues and accessories.  Pop
Points will be deducted in accordance with the rules.   in to have a look.