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Pool Boyz

Melton Indoor Bowls Club

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Melton Snooker Club
Table 1: Main room first table

01664 500 041


29 Market Pl
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1XD

Home venue is used for singles and doubles tournaments instead of the player's team venue. Just let us know if you'd like to set a home venue different from your team's venue. Player home venues are tied to the player, so will remain across seasons until we are instructed otherwise.

League Singles Results

Won Opponent Opposing Team Date
John Beedie Crown Amigos 17/09/19
John Love Crown Amigos 17/09/19
Pete Waite Crown Amigos 17/09/19
Dan Horton Olly's Army 10/09/19
Dan O'Gorman Olly's Army 10/09/19
Derek Horton Olly's Army 10/09/19
Carl Parker Full Tilt 03/09/19
Wayne Misiuda Full Tilt 03/09/19
Pete Lambert Full Tilt 03/09/19
Ray Taylor Whinge Not 27/08/19
Scott Wightman Whinge Not 27/08/19
Nick Arnold Whinge Not 27/08/19
Rob Ellis Treble One 20/08/19
Les Durrance Treble One 20/08/19
Trevor Adams Treble One 20/08/19
Nigel Street Jenny's 5-4ers 13/08/19
Rob Barker Jenny's 5-4ers 13/08/19
Steve Lang Jenny's 5-4ers 13/08/19
Andy Zarebski Substi-Stutes 06/08/19
Andy Smith Substi-Stutes 06/08/19
Dennis Keen Substi-Stutes 06/08/19
David Hill Junkyard Dogs 30/07/19
Brian Hughes Junkyard Dogs 30/07/19
Jason Smith Junkyard Dogs 30/07/19
Karl Barratt Better at Snooker 23/07/19
Ben Jackson Better at Snooker 23/07/19
Aaron J Booth Better at Snooker 23/07/19
John Beedie Crown Amigos 09/07/19
John Beedie Jr Crown Amigos 09/07/19
Pete Waite Crown Amigos 09/07/19
Jonny Green Olly's Army 02/07/19
Derek Horton Olly's Army 02/07/19
Adam Wyles Olly's Army 02/07/19
Ben Misiuda Full Tilt 25/06/19
Wayne Misiuda Full Tilt 25/06/19
Pete Lambert Full Tilt 25/06/19
Nick Arnold Whinge Not 18/06/19
Anthony Wreathall Whinge Not 18/06/19
Ivan Sherlock Whinge Not 18/06/19
George Scothern Treble One 11/06/19
Les Durrance Treble One 11/06/19
Trevor Adams Treble One 11/06/19
Paul Bryan Jenny's 5-4ers 04/06/19
Steve Lang Jenny's 5-4ers 04/06/19
Rob Barker Jenny's 5-4ers 04/06/19
Andy Zarebski Substi-Stutes 28/05/19
Katie Hunter Substi-Stutes 28/05/19
Andy Smith Substi-Stutes 28/05/19
Brian Hughes Junkyard Dogs 21/05/19
David Hill Junkyard Dogs 21/05/19
Jason Smith Junkyard Dogs 21/05/19
Karl Barratt Better at Snooker 14/05/19
Aaron J Booth Better at Snooker 14/05/19
Ben Jackson Better at Snooker 14/05/19